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What is LOR

Guidelines to Write a Good Letter of Recommendation:

After applying for several institutions for overseas education, you may have heard a lot about something called the letter of recommendation. Just like the name suggests, a letter of recommendation is a letter that recommends a student, employee, colleague, or co-worker. It is sometimes referred to as a letter of reference or LOR in short. When sent to a student, this letter allows the admission committee to know and understand more about the candidate. Needless to say, this is an amazing tool to highlight the positives and most powerful facts about the candidate from the perspective of their superior faculty. This is the most crucial reason why candidates may encounter rejection or refusals. 

Steps to Write a Good LOR

There are numerous principles and things to be kept in mind when drafting a letter of recommendation. These criteria assist the admission committee to acquire a deeper insight into the candidate and the significance of the recommendation. So, when you ask somebody to write a recommendation for you, ensure it has the essential elements:

  • A quick explanation regarding their familiarity with you. The letter should indicate how long have they known you and in what role have you interacted. For ex: mentor, advisor, instructor, teacher, supervisor, or coworker.

  • Stress on the observation is direct or indirect. It always has a beneficial influence if the observations were direct since that offers a clear sense of the level of contact. For example, working directly is vital and brings more value than being known via someone and having worked together afar.

  • LOR should include a highly accurate evaluation of your eligibility and appropriateness for the study or course. Emphasis should be more on appropriateness rather than the recommender seeming more like an advocate.

  • A recommendation letter should never disclose any grades or results of competitive examinations unless necessary to explain specific academic facts. These are previously addressed in your application and repeating them in a LOR is a huge mistake.

  • Any private or sensitive information about you should be presented only if it has any significance or until judged essential.

  • The recommendation letter should include the talents and distinctive contributions that you would offer to the institution - what positive changes, impact, and new learning would you be able to contribute towards.


In an essence, the perfect recommendation letter comes from someone who agrees to write without being forced to. Make sure you take a sufficient amount of time to write a Letter of Recommendation which would be around 200-250 words. A jumbled-up, hastily written letter is worse than writing nothing at all. A recommendation should come from someone with authority and status since this will give the letter more weight. As a result, be exceedingly cautious about who you ask to write you a recommendation letter.

A well-written favorable recommendation letter may go a long way toward ensuring that your application is accepted. If you want any assistance with your letter of recommendation, please contact one of our counselors who would be happy to assist you.

Sample Letter

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